No safety net needed




Yesterday, I cut 32 pieces of paper, got out a few colours, the mod podge, the gesso and a big brush.  I spent a slap-happy couple of hours not really thinking about what I was doing, trying not to be too neat and tidy but just going for it and hoping for the best.




I tried not to be too precious, but of course, a few favourites appeared.




In just a couple of hours, a long row of pages were laid out on the floor to dry overnight.  Some need a bit more of a tweak, others are ripe enough and ready to become the pages of my Learn Something New Every Day journal.




It felt good to stand back and admire an afternoon’s work.  I used the panorama function on my camera to record the whole lot and giggled to myself when I saw a few pairs of feet: Memories of those old school photographs when some little oik would run around the back and get himself into the photo twice!

Off we go

It dawned on me