On Arizona time


We’re here.  In Scottsdale, Arizona, that is.  It’s been quite a day.




As we drove to the airport, the Goodyear airship sailed by.  We hoped for a more comfortable ride for our journey, needless to say.




As if by magic, our wish was granted.  We checked in as normal and whilst I went shopping for a new pair of sunglasses, my hero texted me to tell me we’d been upgraded.


To First Class, no less.





So, we took the advice of the British Airways staff member on the desk in the business class lounge and hot footed it to the Concorde Lounge instead.  After a spot of lunch, we sat either side of a small coffee table with a lamp on it for quite some time before I noticed the lampstand…  Amusing, n’est-ce pas?




Sitting up there in the aerie of Terminal 5, watching the world go by and our 747 over there opposite, awaiting our arrival, the time whizzed by.  As much as I’d like to say that the ten hour flight to Phoenix went equally quickly, I’m afraid it didn’t.  Though, we were treated to excellent service, top notch food and super-comfort – what luck!

I watched Salmon Fishing in the Yemen and the Marigold Hotel before snuggling down to listen to Michael Macintyre on Desert Island disks (and falling asleep).

Anyone else read the book of the Marigold Hotel before seeing the film?  Your thoughts?

We landed in Phoenix at 5pm, half an hour before we were scheduled, and the temperature was 38C.




Mary was there waiting for us, having just got there herself.  We picked the car up from the largest Avis lot that ever there was and here we are.


Let the 2012 Road Trip begin!!

Would you believe it?

Road Trip Journal ready

Road Trip Journal ready