Sore feet and culture


I’ve blogged about Chicago before.  We love it here and we weren’t disappointed, because it was exactly as vibrant and full of life as we remembered.  As a contrasting finish to our terrific road trip, it’s hard to imagine anywhere better.




Five years later, we found fun in exactly the same kinds of things as we did then.  The sun wasn’t exactly shining, but it was warm and a little humid after a huge thunderstorm last night.


So, in order of activity:




Michigan Avenue where a fridge took our photo (yes, really)




The rehearsal for tomorrow night’s concert in Millennium Park




where the orchestra, soloists and chorus were working on Rossini’s Stabat Mater




The bean – or rather, the Cloud Gate, which never fails to entertain and amuse



The fun fountains




Put a little water there and allow children to play in it  and they’ll be happy.




Though some of them, who weren’t even born when we were last here, might need to gather their courage before stepping too near the falling water.




The Art Institute and some of our favourite paintings.








Footsore and weary, we returned to the hotel before a little (huge!) supper at the Rosebud.


A great day in a wonderful city. 

Back where we started

My kinda town