Put me anywhere near an ink pen and I am immediately covered in the stuff.  My inky fingers were such a mess yesterday afternoon and however hard I scrubbed, wouldn’t come clean.  I ought to have thought about the fact that I was “on show” last night before I got my pens out!

To think, I was ink monitor at school.  At the age of eight, I was given a large bottle of blue Quink and every morning, I went around every desk in my primary school classroom and topped up each inkwell.  My teacher allowed me to keep a stick of chalk in my pocket too, in case I overfilled one of them.  The chalk soaked up the excess ink quickly and no damage was done.  It also came in handy for a game of hopscotch at playtime in the schoolyard.

We’ve talked about how quickly life changes recently.  We grew up in a different world, didn’t we?

Beautifully done