Thank you, Joachim Raff




Because if you hadn’t been the founding Director of the Dr Hoch’s Konservatorium here in Frankfurt, we wouldn’t have been here to enjoy our weekend.

Not forgetting to thank my hero too, because had it not been for his efforts on Raff’s behalf, the choir wouldn’t have had any music to sing this evening.  It was just a couple of short years ago that Die Sterne was heard for the first time at a recording  in Sweden and I encourage you to follow that link and hear it for yourself.  If you’re short of time, go straight to the fourth movement!




The walk to the Konservatorium was, like many of our Frankfurt walks, hindered by road works!  Sadly, it wasn’t the stroll along the riverbank as we imagined, but a brisk step along a deserted road.




The concert was super.  Of course, you will be able to read a full and detailed review here when you know who has dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s.  The young horn player in Die Sterne was outstandingly good and it was definitely one of those concerts which left us humming the whole way back to our hotel.




For it was a remarkably quiet walk back along empty streets until a collective “oooooohhhhh!” was heard from a nearby beergarden.  As it stated on the blackboard leaning by the door:

“Deutschland v Griechenland.  It’s payback time!”




We went into the hotel bar for a nightcap and watched the emotional roller coaster ride as it happened.  There was no need of the TV screen because the crowd told us all we needed to know!

Germany 4  Greece 2.


and there’s more…

Ready to roll?