Who knew?


In the last few months, I’ve read in several places about how, in the current recession, ownership of nail polish is following the trend of lipsticks.  I was particularly conscious of the sorry state of my own nails, being amongst well manicured American women on holiday and thought that, if there were a convenient nail salon in my village, I would probably be a regular, too.  Doing my own nails is a hit and miss affair, usually demanding just a smidgeon more patience than I actually have. 


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But though I love to see well painted nails, I’d draw the line at some of the extravagant designs which I came across whenI googled “Nail Art” this morning!  You see, I’d been perusing my Pinterest page, because a pin of a mosaic egg i posted this morning has created rather a lot of interest and I’d had loads of emails from Pinterest informing me every time someone else repinned that link.  I was curious to see what else people were pinning, and I came across this…


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Yes, those spotty nails in the picture have a link to a blog and I simply couldn’t resist taking a closer look.   Sure enough, A Girl and her Polish is a blog full of ideas for the most amazing nail polishes, my favourite being the Cadbury’s Mini Egg nails!!   I spent a happy hour admiring the meticulous artistry of the blog’s author – wow, if only I could achieve that level of finish on a plain nail polish, I’d be happy, but stamping?  dotting?  stripes?  Who knew such things were possible, even on practical, short nails as well – not just on talons!?

Clearly not me!

But I’m not really tempted to do this Hello Kitty design nor go for the extreme French Manicure look either.




Clearly, I’d also need to expand my current collection, which consists of two bottles of Lincoln Park after Dark and the nearly empty current toe colour of choice.  Oh, I  also have a bottle or a weird green polish which looked like a good idea when I tried it in Sephora before Christmas, and a silver one which gave my Hero the heeby-jeebies when I wore it.


You know, I have a sneaky suspicion that “nail art” will remain one of those things I simply admire on other people, that I’ll be the one to buck the trend and forego the spots, the stripes and the marbled finishes.  Perhaps I’ll  simply go for pale pink, for neutral or plain, conventional colours.  But I’ll enjoy following those blogs for a while, for sure (and I do so love those spots!!)

The days fly

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