What an evening!


We’d arranged to meet Laurie and David in the bar at 7pm.  Now, we’ve never met before but Laurie and I have chatted online and it seems, Laurie had gathered enough information to recognise me by my toes!  Not being quite in the same league of detectives, everything I knew about her was of no use in guessing who she was, there in the busy pre-dinner drinks rush.  So it was a good job she came over and introduced herself and before long, we were a group of eight for dinner.




Waiting for our table to be made up, we gathered another new friend – Judy planned to dine alone as her husband was busy (piloting the ship).  So, there being no other one large enough, we found ourselves at the Captain’s table, centre stage.

What a lovely evening we had.  Great conversation, funny coincidences, shared experiences – and of course, terrific food.  We scanned our memories for our social diary status – could we do this again, maybe?  Hope so!


Anyway, the Captain wasn’t in dinner last night because he was making announcements.  He seldom – almost never – makes announcements, and I’ve never heard him interrupt dinner in this way.  It just had to be important.

It was. 

The Weather.

Seemed like as we left the Brisbane River, we were likely to hit some very strong winds and it was going to be rather a rough ride for an hour or two until we got into the ocean proper, but all would be fine and we were simply to take care, safe in the knowledge it wouldn’t last.  We went to the theatre as planned, made dinner arrangements for tomorrow evening and finally came back to our suite just as things began to get a little jumpy.




Fortunately someone had prepared our room ready for the ride, with the important things (flowers, champagne, wine and gin) secured by tucking them down the back of the sofa!  Thanks Bobby Winking smile


For sure, we did roll about a fair bit and the ship moved around and creaked more than usual, but we were soon out of it and tucked up in bed, comfy and warm, we didn’t really mind too much.  This morning, the sky is brighter, though still cloudy, and we hope for calm.

The Block Party

In the rainforest