A sense of humour



I don’t normally post commercials here and following a conversation with Jordi recently, prompted by a post on Loretta’s blog it’s all the more surprising that today, I want to post a picture of a product.  As I sat at the breakfast table this morning, I found myself reading the back of the smoothie carton, though.




It’s hard to read like that, so forgive me for enlarging some of the list of “Ways to get in touch”




The list begins with amusing suggestions




continues with reminders of my own semaphore skills learned at Brownies and never forgotten




and finishes with a couple of totally absurd suggestions which made me laugh out loud before I’d finished my breakfast.


Innocent is the company which tops the small bottles of drink with woolly hats each winter, raising funds for charities supporting elderly people.  Going to their website to add a link and discovering their fun blog made me appreciate the value of a creative approach to marketing.  After all, it costs the same to put out a serious message as it does to make people smile.  I’m not suggesting that I really want 100% silliness all the time, but a little creative originality is refreshing and adds a human touch to a commercial operation.

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