I’ve just come home from my second visit to Whole Foods in Cheltenham.  I’d booked for two of us to have a bit of make up fun around lunchtime, so of course, we did a bit of shopping whilst we were there.  In particular, I was keen to get some more of the yummy peanut butter and have a better look around, now the crowds have died down.




As I walked past the bakery, I discovered the answer to a previous question.

Regardless of the price of apple pie, the level of service in the store surpasses all expectations.  An enquiry about farro (following Nigella’s use of the grain in a kind of risotto recently) sent a staff member in search of the answer.  He not only took me to the shelf with spelt on it, he placed a red sticker on the box and offered it to me “on the house” - “give it a try and let us know how you get on”.

We also approve of any supermarket that has prosecco on tap in the cafe ;-)

Be impressed