I don’t do it often, but once in a while, I really do count them.  After a lovely weekend away, we drove home in that  comfortable manner of not really talking or having a proper conversation, but sharing the occasional thought, recollection or observation.  The radio was on but neither of us were really listening, because we were each lost in our own thoughts – mine, admittedly, fuelled by two large glasses of Sauvignon Blanc at lunchtime!




Having spent a couple of days last week working with the ladies in Exeter where one of the topics of discussion was reflective practice, this was still quite high in my subconscious.  I always explain this concept as the “mulling over” of events; in my case it’s often in the car on the way home and the perfect time for a little blessings count.




We’d spent a happy weekend with friends in Kent, a part of the country I knew next to nothing about.  The sun had shone, the days had been cool but clear and the sky was that shade of blue that makes everything look its best.  From the minute we arrived, we relaxed and settled into an easy routine of gentle activity, interesting conversation, shared stories and comfortable company.  We visited Knole and Chartwell, saw a little of the beautiful countryside and admired the small towns and villages that characterise the landscape of West Kent.




We saw great swathes of forest that had been devastated in the great storm of 1987, now growing again and looking lovely in the autumn sunshine.  We admired the beautiful house and gardens at Chartwell and learned a little about the man who lived there (and who sat in that chair to paint his garden).  Perhaps we all owe him one or two of our blessings?




The best thing of all was that the pair of us didn’t plan a thing.  All we did was “go with the flow”  (spoken in a good Hull accent…goe with the floe!)  from beginning to end.

And drink tea.

And eat delicious meals, cooked for us without our having to lift so much as a finger.

And share Kindle recommendations.

And look at photos.

And play Balderdash!

Hopefully we left before we’d outstayed our welcome, straight into the capable hands of another couple of friends who suggested we meet for lunch here.  No wonder we felt blessed – we didn’t even have to make a decision about that, either!


Words from a wise man