Spending time at home today in a bit of a wool-gathering mood after a minor meltdown this morning.  I’m used to keeping several plates spinning, have always got at least a handful of things going on at once and several more in my mind at varying stages of completion.  This morning, however, for some reason, it got a bit out of hand and I needed to reboot my brain!




We’d had such a brilliant weekend with non stop fun and nonsense.  Edward came home and joined the goings on and the house was filled with interesting and thought provoking conversations usually around the kitchen table.  There was music – not unusual for this house in itself, but Purcell?   The wonders of Spotify and Sonos – and a half dozen assorted ipads/iphones in control!




We played “Who’s in the Bag?” again for the first time in years and fell about laughing, as we inevitably do as soon as certain names appear.  So many fond memories associated with it all.




Spending a morning in Cirencester, at the Corinium Museum with no fewer than four historians more than made up for my total lack of interest knowledge and allowed me to focus completely on the visual feast that is on display there.  Oh, and having kindled our intellects all day, what better way to spend the evening than at Hobbs House Bistro where the house red, served by the litre jugfull is simply delicious (but seems to evaporate before our very eyes ;-)




So was it all of that or the after effects of the huge Sunday lunch and the Brooklyn Blackout cake I cooked, which sent me over the edge this morning?


Or might it just possibly have been something I picked up during a meeting at work yesterday?


Whatever it was/is, a total switch off and a bit of peace and quiet was needed. There is a lot to be said for getting off the merry go round every now and again, and next time, I need to remember to recognise the warning signs so that I can step off gracefully before I come crashing down with a bump!


The answer