Friday evening


Whenever we head out to Heathrow airport on a Friday, checking in at Terminal 5 for a lunchtime flight, there is fun in store.  The routine of leaving a chilly London behind at that time of the day usually follows through with an arrival somewhere late afternoon – and that somewhere is often Californ-I-A.  But it doesn’t do to stick with “always” and “usually” and it’s good to be able to say “but this time…” once in a while.




Today we caught the 1245 flight from Terminal 5 and in the late afternoon, we landed in Munich.  Now, there’s different!  We’re here to enjoy the company of friends, to go to the Opera and of course, to have fun in a city where we feel very comfortable.




We got off to a very good start by learning that we’d been upgraded to a rather lovely suite at the hotel.  Since we’d already pushed the boat out a little on this occasion, an upgrade means “very plush indeed” and our travelling companions made themselves at home immediately as you can see.




We set out in search of somewhere gemütlich for supper, dodging the rain showers and managing to stay dry as far as zum Spockmeier, where we snagged one of the last tables and immediately ordered two hefes




Dinner was delicious and we left feeling utterly stuffed a couple of hours later.




It’s good to be here!




As we walked back to the hotel we caught sight of an elegant “couple” in a shopwindow.  Sadly, it bore no resemblance to yours truly and her hero, for whom those lederhose and finely cut dirndl would have been just that bit on the snug side!

But we can dream.

Bavarian Breakfast