Yesterday, whilst making soup, I grated my finger.

(Lesson learned: Microplane graters are SHARP!)

Fortunately, the blood/vegetable ratio was sufficiently weighted on the vegetable side that we didn’t notice a difference in flavour.




All day I’ve struggled to do the most ordinary of tasks.  It’s extraordinarily painful and in a really awkward place, just where my right index finger bends around a knife, a pen, a peeler…  I was making a cake because after many months of phone calls requesting a meeting, we caved in and agreed to a visit from The Bank Manager this afternoon.




Washing up was a particularly painful job, because even though the waterproof plasters claim to be waterproof…they aren’t (and those Magimix bowls don’t go in the dishwasher).  Fortunately, by the time The Bank Manager arrived (with his colleague, Another Bank Manager), all was cleared up and hunkydory, if somewhat d-u-l-l.


Fullscreen capture 22092011 161329


So I was really very pleased that WyeSue posted this fun link this afternoon, because it is really very clever, doesn’t need a pen or paper, can be done with my left hand (because it doesn’t matter how poor my drawing is!) and it made me smile after a dreary afternoon sitting at a table talking about interest rates.

Have go…

(with apologies to any Bank Managers reading)


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