Being home after a few days away feels good, but it takes a while to get back into things again.  I’m still coming across little bundles of goodies like the one above – the linen tape I bought in M&J and a bag of lace shared with me by Jordi.




My flight was delayed because of bad weather, but my hero was waiting when I arrived at Heathrow and I’ve enjoyed a bit of show and tell.  Getting all the samples out was a good exercise in recalling the processes involved and I took the opportunity to update my notebook with a few additional samples and thoughts.




I had put all the working files, source images and suchlike on a 16GB memory stick, so now organised them a little better, discarding the files I didn’t use and copying the videos I took using my Flip during the class.  I added my classroom photos to that little bundle and found it fitted perfectly onto one of the 4GB drives we bought in Staples. My organised mind felt rather pleased about that and with the addition of a bit of appropriate notebook bling, my record of the class is complete.




The prints I made are in a separate folder, which will hopefully be added to once I get myself into gear at this end.




In the meantime, it was back to earth yesterday with a visit to the dentist.  Just before I left for NYC, I broke a crowned tooth.  Too late to get it attended to before I went, I made use of the do-it-yourself filling replacement material available in US drugstores (but never seen here?)  It got me through the week but yesterday was the moment of truth.  After complimenting me on my self-administered repair, my dentist advised that the necessary treatment looks likely to be expensive – well into four figures!

Maybe a good job I went straight from the dentist to work?

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