Retail Therapy

Retail Therapy


My tooth – or rather, the space where my tooth was – felt better this morning and I felt a little retail therapy was in order.  Nothing particular, just that instead of going straight to the supermarket, I felt that I had enough time to shop local, to stop and chat and spend time enjoying a Friday morning in Cirencester.  I was out early, as you can tell from the photograph!


The greengrocer was busy though, and ten minutes after parking my car, I’d already taken one heavy bag back and swapped it for an empty one.


Next stop, my favourite butcher where I crossed sausages off my list and bought meat for the weekend.  Thank goodness, the roadworks here in Blackjack Street are finished and the street is looking really smart again.


Clearly, I usually shop with blinkers on, because I’d not spotted that purple shop further down the street before.  This morning, I took a different route from my usual and discovered Octavia’s Bookshop, a really great children’s bookstore and definitely somewhere to return.


Next, the market, to see what flowers were there (not many!)  I couldn’t resist some of Jacob’s Falafel and, since he was offering samples dipped in Chedworth yoghurt, I paid them a visit too


There remained just two more places to go.

Whilst following the dentist’s advice yesterday, I took paracetamol, something I hardly ever do.  Taking the last of the small box of tablets this morning, I needed to buy replacements in the chemist.  I found Boots own brand “paracetamol plus” on offer at £1.35 with a free bottle of water, but preferring to know what I’m taking, looked closely at the ingredients to identify the “plus” part.  Caffeine.  Thinking that I didn’t really need any extra caffeine (and if I did, I’d take the tablets with a cup of coffee)  I went for the small, plain box of simple paracetamol – the same number of tablets as the first box but priced at 16p.

They’ll last me a couple of years, I expect.

Finally, to Waitrose, which was buzzing by this time, and home for lunch.  Shopping like this is great fun but boy, does it take time!

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