It’s frothy, man


(if you need a reminder where that phrase came from, go here)





A new toy arrived in this morning’s post.   Williams-Sonoma is always a magnet for our attention when we’re in the USA and spotting one in Portland, we were drawn like moths to a flame.  A young woman was demonstrating the Aeroccino and offered us all coffee, which I, as the only coffee drinker of the group, gladly accepted.

I wasn’t the only one to be impressed by this little gizmo, though.  In just 70 seconds, the milk was heated and frothed to amazing proportions and the well-trained demonstrator stuck the stirrer vertically in the cup to show just how firm that milk froth was.

Of course, we couldn’t buy the thing there, but when we got home, we did the googling and ordered one for ourselves, because much as I love my coffee machine the milk isn’t always heated to a high enough temperature.  And anyway, we’d sometimes like frothy milk in our hot chocolate, or chai, or…




So, we just had a play and, having frothed the milk, I set it in front of the coffee machine and poured a double espresso into it.

Spooky, eh?




Especially when you see which mug I chose to make it in!

(What’s the betting that Picasa will recognise this as a face and will want me to put a name to it?)

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