Well, I was waving as we flew over our own little patch of countryside but I suspect my hero was already busy getting on with his long list of things to do whilst he’s home alone.  Though I scrambled to the nearest window to take a quick photo, in no time we were away and out over the Atlantic and we settled into that no mans' land of eat-snooze-read-listen.  Only in the last minutes of the flight did a conversation with the woman sitting in “my hero’s seat” reveal that she too inhabits that little green patch in the photo above.  From the next village in fact.


Once in the city, a quick shower was in order – I’d have preferred it to have been just the bathroom kind but the heavens opened and right on time, a slightly damp-around-the-edges Jordi appeared from the deluge outside.  We made our way by hot and sticky subway to the Canal St station and, for the first time, noted the artwork – NYC stations are great places to see public art and though “The Gathering” gave me the creeps (I have a real thing about birds), I thought it clever.


No two birds were the same, they were grouped in realistic poses and I was keen to move right along!


Anyway, Purl was calling and with the rain still tipping down outside, we were glad to take refuge in this haven of colour and texture.


Such fun to see the real life samples from the website.  Purl is such an inspiring place.  Interesting too, to see that they are promoting rather more traditional needlework techniques of late – I suppose everything that goes around comes around, eventually.

Did we buy?


By now I was feeling peckish and it was time to find the other reason for heading down to this part of town.


My NYC Moleskine “bible” has a new addition – the Cubana Cafe on Thompson Street,  not only delivered food which hit the spot but also delicious mojitos.  Well, it was Happy Hour, wasn’t it?

The work starts tomorrow!

A great place to learn

A great place to learn

Got everything?

Got everything?