The first secret is revealed




Well, it was no secret that we had tickets for Les Miserables last night.  However, we had four tickets and we were only three – the fourth was for a mystery guest who was planning to meet us in the foyer before the show.

We drove up to London earlier in the day with Bettine (the birthday boy’s Mum) and spent a lovely afternoon pottering about Selfridges, mostly, where we had a great lunch in Hix.  We went over to the hotel mid afternoon, where the cake received as warm a welcome as we did ourselves, and settled ourselves into our very comfy and stylish room.


So, what of the mystery guest?

We stood outside the theatre, scanning faces for a familiar one and remarking that it was a bit like a live “Where’s Wally?” search!  But our mystery guest wasn’t going to be wearing a red and white striped T shirt, and gender unknown to all but me, the challenge was considerable.  As 7pm approached, I began to feel nervous, because our guest had travelled some considerable distance and who knew, arrangements made by email some months ago might have gone awry.

Thankfully not.  I spotted the guest’s unmistakeable presence on the other side of the road and alerted by my unintentional sigh of relief, Mark followed my gaze.

“Oh, wow….can it be….no…oh my goodness…”

By that time we were half way over the road and doing our best to make our way through the crowds, we burst into the foyer to see someone trying (unsuccessfully) to hide behind two members of staff.

“G’day Cobber!”

Our dear friend John, having come all the way from Melbourne, Australia for the occasion, was waiting to give Mark a hug.

the story continues….


Birthday Hero