All aboard the Chetzemoka

All aboard the Chetzemoka


We left Langley shortly after breakfast and headed for the ferry terminal, driving through wide open spaces and seeing few people about.


Perhaps that’s because they were all standing on top of this hill.  Why?


Anyway, we were soon aboard the Chetzemoka, a vessel bearing remarkable similarities to an Isle of Wight ferry.  Like excited schoolchildren, we leapt out of the car and went as high as we could to spend the whole journey on the “sun deck”, because the sun had indeed, got his hat on.


Half an hour later, we were landing at Port Townsend, on the northern coast of the Olympic Peninsula.


Five minutes later, we fetched up at our hotel for the next couple of nights, The Bishop.  In stark contrast to the Boatyard Inn, this is a Victorian themed place, and we have a “fireplace suite”.


It’s a bit like staying at your Nan’s.


Port Townsend itself is an interesting enough place with a couple of really good bookshops and and ice cream parlour – did we need more to keep us occupied for the afternoon?


A little patch of green with beautifully bright flowers had won some awards, too.


On our return to the hotel, we took a look at the guest book and discovered some pretty well known names amongst the previous visitors.  I wonder if they had the fireplace suite, too?

Snow?  In sandals?

Snow? In sandals?

Shall we explore Coupeville?

Shall we explore Coupeville?