Saturday in Seattle

Saturday in Seattle


We spent way too long at Gate C64 yesterday afternoon, because though they’d managed to check in themselves and their luggage, a couple of people didn’t make it to the plane at the new C wing of Heathrow’s Terminal 5.  Sitting on the plane whilst their bags were offloaded, the captain’s reassurance that our flight would have a tail wind the whole way didn’t really placate us.  But, eventually we were off on our summer road trip, starting in Seattle.


By the time we’d arrived, met Mary and picked up our vehicle, we were trying to convince ourselves that it didn’t really feel like gone midnight, that we were fine and didn’t really long for our beds.  After all, it was only 7pm here.  Fortunately there was a great restaurant directly across the street.  The Steelhead Diner fitted the bill perfectly and when we turned up without a reservation to find that a booth was instantly available, we knew it was meant to be.

The fishing flies in the divider between our table and the kitchen were lovely and would have provided plenty of interesting distraction were it not for the fact that we had a fair bit to catch up on.


Plus, of course, we had to choose.


Then, whilst one of our travelling companions decided to make an entry


another dived head first into my (delicious, local hefe weisse) beer.


Fortunately, she escaped without harm and dried herself off on a napkin.


Needless to say, we were tucked up in bed by nine and slept right through till    5-ish this morning.  Now around 8am here and fortified with cups of tea and coffee, we’re both showered and dressed. I’ve begun my road trip journal, uploaded photos from yesterday, unpacked a little and still have time to blog.  Who says jet lag is a nuisance?!

Mary will be with us shortly and the fun will begin.  Elliot Bay is looking ok – a little overcast perhaps but the weather forecast isn’t too bad for a day exploring the city.

Good morning Seattle!

In the city

In the city

with 5000 of my friends

with 5000 of my friends