A few Good Things


We’re pleased to be home.  For sure, it was a marvellous trip to fascinating places in the best of company (with all my friends along too – how lovely to read your comments and to know that you too were enjoying the ride!)

But fortunate as we are to travel in such style, we’re still more fortunate to have a lovely place to call home.




  • Somewhere where I didn’t have to queue to use the washing machine this morning.
  • To hear the phone ring and to hear the voice of a dear friend.
  • Where I could open the door and potter into the garden, smelling the fresh air and the lovely scent of the lilac tree.  OK, it wasn’t quite 5am, but who minds a bit of jet lag at times like that?




  • To cut some of that lilac and bring it into a clean and fresh house, thanks to the “fairies”.
  • Putting on some different clothes this morning and not wear the same old-same old.
  • To hear the doorbell this morning and see another good friend standing outside, pleased to welcome us back.
  • Sitting sharing news and gossip over a cup of tea.




  • Enjoying wearing my new, comfortable 900rp sandals because my feet are back to their usual, temperate-climate size.
  • Picking up the phone yesterday afternoon to  report my Kindle as broken and to find a new, replacement had arrived less than 24 hours later.
  • Hearing the soft “plop” of a packet falling onto the doormat this morning




  • Opening it to find my batik scarf, fixed and finished and posted from Penang.




  • Watching as my hero picked up the phone to book another fantastic voyage for 2012 and looking forward to discovering more new and exciting places in the company of some very good friends!


How lucky am I?

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