Having waved temptation in the face of a good friend in the form of our recent travels to India, she returned the favour by pointing this  out to me


We share a love of colour and texture and have a penchant for gorgeous scarves and this one was a dead cert for me as well. Since it was so realistically priced (!), I didn’t hesitate before clicking the “buy” button and looked forward to a colourful parcel arriving.


The contents of the box were well packed and I was thrilled by the sight of the real thing.  I was also intrigued by the small packet at the bottom of the box.


Made of a fairly firm double layer of paper, machine stitched together and fastened with a tie fastening, I opened it carefully to find


the receipt.


For the second time in a week, I’m not sure what I think to this.  For sure, I love the attention to detail, the small fastening which can only be managed by hand and the overall concept of the stitched envelope.  But for a shipping receipt for an item costing £25?  A  little excessive, yes/no? (apologies to Edward’s favourite English teacher for that particular style of question!)  Or an indication of a brand who pays attention to detail?


I  love the scarf and plan to incorporate the rather lovely stitched envelope within my next travel journal.  Reuse and repurpose! 

Conclusion: Clever Anthropologie for incorporating a small detail which will make me remember their package, that prompted a blog post and which singled their mail order service out from the rest. 

Never a dull moment

Never a dull moment

Utterly charming

Utterly charming