Thank you, Jane and Ellen


I’m always open to suggestions for good reading, so when not only one but two members of our Voyager Trivia Team recommended the same book, I just had to go with it.




The fact that they made the same enthusiastic case for this title whilst we were in Mumbai, where the story is set, sent me running, not walking, to open up Amazon on my (plugged in, partially functioning) Kindle to download it.

The Space Between Us just hit the spot with me too, being a fairly easy read with strong characters and a thought-provoking plot.  Sharing an hour or two in the company of our guide to Elephanta Island and back, who was also a Parsi, allowed us to clarify a few details and I found that the further I got into the book, the more momentum I built, racing through the final pages to a satisfying conclusion.  Many thanks Jane and Ellen for a great read.

Now I’m home, I’ve got Rohinton Mistry’s A Fine Balance by my side, ready to begin.  I’m sensing a bit of a trend here.

I don’t know

Saving the memories