One night in Bangkok

One night in Bangkok

Another day, another song title…


We enjoyed a fairly smooth eleven hours snooze and I hardly dipped into the anti-boredom kit which must be saying something.  I gave Mike Leigh’s “Another Year” two shots, falling asleep about an hour into it the first time and doing my best to stay awake the second time around.  The priceless perk was that blue and yellow card which allowed us access to the “CIP” Fast Track upon arrival into Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport.  Not given to everyone on the flight, we think it was our “frequent flyer” reward on this occasion.  Anyway, thank you very much, we felt privileged!


The landscaping around the airport has been completed since we were last here and is vaguely reminiscent of Teletubby land, with the grassy mounds and birds on sticks.  On this humid Saturday afternoon, there wasn’t a blue sky to set it off to best effect, sadly.


Though the sun was trying ever so hard to break through the fug.


We had one of those heartstopping moments when three of our cases arrived without problem, but the fourth took some time.  Fears were groundless, because it was soon seen over the edge of the conveyor belt and with everything intact, off we went to gather with our fellow travellers under the sign of the big letter R.


It was a pretty dreary two hour drive from the airport to the port and though Pom, our meeter/greeter/escort did his best to liven things up a bit, most of us just wanted to get there and the motorway journey wasn’t exactly entertaining.


Almost exactly two hours from setting off, the white funnel was in sight and we breathed a sigh of relief.  With a glass of champagne in hand, we checked in, had security photos taken (oh yes, looking tip top after an eleven hour flight, no make up and heaven knows what the hair looked like…) and made our way to our suite.

A swift unpack and sort out, a mojito and a margarita later and we were enjoying dinner.  With an early start tomorrow morning, we retired to our suite without further ado.  Internet established, picture of the day uploaded and email read, it must be time for bed.


Starting as we mean to continue…

Starting as we mean to continue…

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