Well, the news on the street is that the sinister chap with the snowball catapult is looking anxious now the policeman has arrived with two sets of handcuffs…

I spotted the Lego Advent Calendars this year and whilst getting a StarWars version for Edward and Alex to enjoy, I fell for the simple Lego Town advent calendar for us too.  Yes, there is still a child in us all – well in me, anyway.  Behind the door on day one was the snowballer – it took me a while to realise that the white bricks were snowballs, I’ll admit.  Yesterday, constructing the catapult was no easy task – these little kits come with no instructions and it’s quite some time since I passed my Lego training.  After that, today’s policeman was a cinch.  Very cute, but I can see why the commenters on the Lego site are disappointed at the non-Christmas theme and would share their disappointment had I been with a small child opening up the doors each day.


The Journal is now underway and taking shape.  Fortunately, the ArtFund magazine arrived just when I needed a curtain and the cover was cut up before we’d even opened the thing!  Nothing is sacred in this house.  The Manifesto is from Shimelle’s class notes this year.


The first spread tells the tale of my two Christmas dinners on Thursday – one very traditional and the other at Jamie’s Italian.  I’m still working on these pages, adding bits and pieces as the whim takes me.  The red twinkle was an appropriate choice as we drivers were foregoing the wine in favour of the Glitterberry J2O the other night.  Fun!

journal day 2

Day 2 is about the Swedish bits and pieces which are here and there in the house following our recent trip.  For this, I used one of Ali Edwards’ overlays – so easy and rather slick, it made me wonder if I might continue in more of a digital style and stop faffing about with glue and scissors.  But my hero agreed that part of the charm of these journals is the three dimensional, quirky character and so the faffing will continue, in this journal at least.

But around here, one question continues to preoccupy the pair of us.


Where are we going to put the Christmas Tree?



Getting started