The Day before Christmas




Started early in this neck of the woods, but oh how well rewarded we were for getting up and out.  Look at that sky!




We might have been one of the first in the car park,




but we certainly were not the first in the queue!




The posse of turkey-collectors hung around whilst their partners scurried around getting those last minute bits and pieces.  The shops have been so incredibly busy over the last few days, it’s hard to imagine that anyone could possibly need anything else. 

Except we did.




The fowl was safely delivered into my hero’s hands and was quickly joined by a couple of bags of salad, the ingredients for the gravlax which Edward will make later and the bread for our traditional Christmas Eve fondue.  By 8.30am we were on our way home.




Home for Jamie’s filo/puff pastry mince pies (delicious but oh my goodness, use a plate!) and to enjoy the day at home.




With a huge bunch of mistletoe brought to us from our neighbour, we look forward to a weekend of quiet celebration with those we love.  We’ll be thinking too, of Mary and her family.  Thankfully she arrived home to spend a few hours with her mother before she passed away peacefully on Wednesday evening.  A quiet time this evening, then, to remember and be thankful.

with love and good wishes for a peaceful Christmas Eve, wherever you may be.  I hope Father Christmas doesn’t forget to call and that tomorrow will bring lots of lovely surprises!

Wonderful Day