New! Smaller size!


I read a lot earlier in the year about the price of cocoa increasing and the lengths the chocolate bar manufacturers were going to make it go that bit further by creating bubbles in it, adding cheaper ingredients and fillings such as nuts, raisins, biscuit and caramel.  That discussion came to mind again this morning when I went to open a tin of sweets for our Christmas table.




I’d bought them sometime last month and stashed the tin away in our storeroom, on the same shelf as the (empty) tins from previous years*.  As I took the tin down from the shelf, I noticed it appeared rather smaller than before so stacked them together to see.  Last year’s tin is on top…this year’s at the bottom.

* I seem to have inherited the inability to throw away these tins from my Mum



Last year, I see that the tin contained 950g including the wrappings.




This year, just 800g!  that’s quite a reduction for more or less the same price.

OK, we don’t really need the extra 150g of calories, but I felt that somehow, the wool had been pulled over my eyes and that someone somewhere had got the better of me.  How observant we have to be when we are out shopping!




I finished Jessica Sprague’s lovely Christmas Project yesterday, too, and will be even more delighted when I can spare an hour or two to fathom out how to cut the box for it with my CraftRobo.

One more thing off the list

Who knew?