Seen in Stockholm


A flavour of the season last weekend, in the shop windows and around.




So many Scandinavian touches in the beautifully arranged displays.




The red, cream and grey is such an elegant alternative Christmas palette, isn’t it?  We spotted those felted beads immediately and went in search – only to find them rather beyond our price range, beautiful or no.






Inside, it was fascinating to see how the traditional Christmas theme predominates here with a strong red-white-grey-black palette.  It was also interesting to see how between Friday afternoon and Sunday morning, the Christmas department of Ahlens store was virtually stripped bare!




Tablewares, small household items all with a seasonal touch – all very tempting and so attractive.




The beautiful Littala tableware of which I’d have a complete set just for use at Christmas if I could.




Of course, there’s always cute, isn’t there?  Not particularly my taste but clearly someone loves them!




Oh, and the scarf in the department store window which was worthy of a return visit.  Would we find it inside?  Well, no – but the assistant knew where they were.




Sadly, only in black!  Somehow, I felt that the stark contrast between the black knitted section and the cream lace was just a little too much.  The young sales assistant looked puzzled and said she felt sure there were cream ones still available if only she could find them.

But no worries…she stepped into the shop window and took the one from the model for me.


(I’ve even got a red lipstick this season, too, though I might be a little more restrained than the dolly in the window)

What a fun weekend we had, but for sure, it’s good to be home.  Until Friday, at least ;-)

and finally

Are we nearly home?