My season


I could have guessed, the minute I went into the bathroom this morning and found the radiator on for the first time in months.




There might be a bright blue sky outside, the sun might be shining brightly but there is a distinct chill in the air and it actually felt rather cold when I left to do the shopping this morning.




Everything looks so lovely though.  It’s a great day for a wedding and I hope things are similarly bright and sunny up there in Scotland.




One last tiny strawberry remains on the plant which I think I’ll leave for a beady eyed creature.




My reward is to see this glorious colour clump in an otherwise dark and rather dreary flowerbed.




I’m an autumn girl, born when the days are getting shorter and when the sunshine warms my soul yet doesn’t burn my skin.




I was glad to put on another layer as I went out and enjoyed the fresh morning air. I’m ready to wrap up a little more, to put away the sandals and flowery tops in favour of cardigans and scarves.

I’m not the only one who’s noticed the change in the seasons.  Empty shelves in the supermarket revealed a run on porridge oats, on butterbeans and custard and it looked as though the sudden cold weather has caught them on the hop.  For once, the food buyers are not ahead of us where the seasons are concerned.

Though they were emptying the shelves for “Seasonal Stock” coming tomorrow, I was told.


Less structure – or more?