Monday morning


8.30am, at the junction of 6th and 42nd St.



The street vendors are wheeling their carts into place.  People are rushing into the office.  I’m waiting for the M7 bus which will take me to the Upper West Side.





I know the subway is quicker, but I’m a bus fan.  I love to people watch and the people watching on the bus is somehow in an altogether different league!  This morning, I watch as one lady of a certain age boards the bus and opens all the windows, after which she asks if everyone’s ok with that.  All round muttering suggests that everyone most certainly is not ok with that, but apart from a couple of people who move seats, nothing is said or done.

Except that two minutes later, she complains that it’s a little breezy and moves away from the window, which prompts another lady of a certain age to remind her that it was she who opened the window in the first place!  Neither looks at the other as they speak – they address the whole bus as they continue to mutter about one another for the rest of my journey!




But soon, I’m here, at the junction of 96th and Amsterdam, where I’m going to walk towards the park and north along Columbus a short distance, to my target destination.  It’s a beautiful morning!




I walk along, wondering about the folks who live in these small brownstone apartments.  What would it be like to live here, with no need for a car and living the city life?




In no time at all, I’m here, at Michaels.  Though I’ve been to many of these stores, it’s the first time here, for this is a relatively new development in NYC.  I spend an hour or so looking around, free from any pressure to hurry or be quick.  There are irresistible offers – 40% off a die cutter for example – but I’m strong and bear the size of my suitcase in mind!  The staff are friendly and the store unusually tidy – sad to say that Michaels stores I’ve known have not been the tidiest or most organised of places!




I haven’t resisted everything in there though, and having made a few purchases, I make my way back to the downtown bus stop, outside Whole Foods.






A couple of years after seeing these 2D barcodes for the first time, they seem to be popping up a little more frequently: here for a discount coupon.  Good idea!




My bus is soon at Columbus Circle where I’m meeting Jordi. This trip’s interesting passenger was a lady who claimed a seat by pushing her shopping trolley to the side of it, but preferred to stand elsewhere on the bus.  Woe betide anyone who dared consider approaching that seat, however, because they would get the sharp end of her tongue as she bellowed from wherever on the bus she happened to be that “I’m sitting there”!  The other passengers watched on, bemused, like me.




My photo is too dark to reveal the small detail of the large bronze figure which draws the attention of many, these gentlemen included.  I was more interested in the shop beside it!





I couldn’t resist a look in another favourite store, Eileen Fisher. 




Neither could I resist a couple of the lovely things which were inside!




After a quick run into WholeFoods, I stood admiring the view and heard my name.  Jordi was there too – what a grand place to meet!




We were women on a mission now.  We hot footed it back to the hotel to drop off a couple of packages, then headed straight out with a list in hand.




Once we’d had some lunch, of course…

(to be continued)

The Bead Crawl