All in one day




Being in such a great city presents a few challenges – when a coach full of tourists choose to take turns sitting on the spot we’d come to see, it’s time to take a different approach to the day.




Less that five minutes away, around the corner and it seems as though we have the whole of the park to ourselves.




We were headed up to visit our friend.  We took one or two things wrapped in a bookstore bag, which proved irresistible to one member of the family.




Tearing ourselves away from the comfiest of sofas, we walked through the park, stopping to admire the scenes from a wedding.  The groom, in full Mariachi costume stood proudly with his new wife as the twelve bridesmaids got themselves ready for their moment in the spotlight.




Our destination was The Cloisters which will provide Jordi with enough material for a lifetime of inspiration, for sure.




Look, no tourists!  Hard to imagine that this peaceful spot is in the heart of one of the worlds great cities.  A best kept secret?  I think so, especially when visiting with a local who knows the New Yorker’s way in…




Of course, we had built quite an appetite after all that fresh air, so an express train back downtown and a short time in the queue at John’s was called for.




And one of us, unbelievably, had room for dessert!


More temptation