A day in Padstow


Padstow is a place which we’ve intended to visit for a while.  One of those towns which seems so familiar even though it’s not (to us, at any rate).  Not in any rush to return home on Sunday morning, eight of us decided to spend the day by the sea, explore the town a little and - yes, you’ve guessed - have lunch!

We arrived late morning and walked down to the centre, feeling disappointed that there were so many of these:




and not enough of this:




But gradually, we became a little more acclimatised and enjoyed looking around.

Nevertheless, like so many of these seaside places, some things predominate:




Three pasty shops in a row!




But just the one shop selling the seaside essentials.




There were stylish clothes and yes, we did do a little bit to support the local economy.




Our priorities were unchanged however.  We had an appointment to keep with Paul and settled ourselves in “the library” where the eight of us enjoyed a memorable lunch ably taken care of by Michael, who recommended a particular dessert:




Well, it would have been cruel to turn down his recommendation, wouldn’t it?

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