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Of course, (she says, with a sigh) the other reason my phone signal suddenly disappeared yesterday morning could well have been the well known and widely reported iPhone4 aerial problems.  Just now, whilst fiddling with my phone I noticed the signal suddenly disappear in exactly the same way – but moved my hand from that bottom left hand corner and watched the five bars return instantly.  Next time, will someone please give me a nudge and remind me to hold the phone more carefully?


Yes, thank you, Apple, I have got a complimentary rubber bumper, custom made with holes in all the right places and fitting perfectly.  Trouble is, the hole for the charging cable is ever-so-slightly too small to accommodate the manufacturer supplied charging connection, meaning that every time I plug it in, I have to remove the bumper.  After three days I decided not to put it back on.

Such clever design.  Such irritating design.

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