Late August, on the hill


All those rescues and other good works have taken their toll on my hero, who has been suffering with a horrible cold for the last couple of weeks.  So, when this morning dawned bright and clear, we decided that some fresh air treatment was in order and set off on foot to buy the one thing I forgot when doing the shopping yesterday.




After all the rain we’ve had in the last few days, we really appreciated the blue sky.  Everything was looking so fresh, too.




The village sledging field looked like something out of the Teletubbies.




Further on, the huge combine harvester was parked in a corner ready to begin the next field. 




The air was so clear and fresh, the views were great.




That cloud bubbling up on the horizon made us feel good that we’d gone out early.  Perhaps this glorious weather isn’t going to last?




Nearly home.




Sure enough, by the time we were home, had put the kettle on and taken the papers outside to read, the sky had clouded over and there was a threat of rain in the air.

We’d enjoyed the best of the day.

At last!