So, Summer Puddings were made and enjoyed though by making them in individual, small cups rather than one pudding basin, the bread to fruit ratio was a little unbalanced I felt.  But on this occasion, let’s say we went for style over substance?

We spent such a fun afternoon in the company of friends and the hours slipped by as they tend to do in a relaxed atmosphere when the conversation is flowing.  Yesterday, we enjoyed the other fun part of entertaining – the leftovers! 




We sat with a cup of tea around 5pm and idly switched on the TV, remembering that usually around this time, the Barefoot Contessa is shown on the Food Network.  Sure enough, there was Ina, cooking a blue cheese souffle for her friends.

What did I have there in the kitchen, but the remains of a hunk of Dolcelatte cheese, left over from Sunday.  Bingo! There was our supper sorted.


The mysteries of the souffle were explained to me years ago by Odette, a teacher’s wife and my gracious hostess for a week.  At the time, I was teaching at Shepshed High School in Leicestershire, who exchanged with a school in Noisy-le-Grand, a suburb of Paris each year.  Though I didn’t teach French, on this occasion an extra lady staff member was needed and during a busy but fun-packed  May half term, off I went.  The children were staying with families who entertained them when they were not in school which meant that we staff members were surplus to requirements unless there was a crisis.  Thankfully, there wasn’t, so I spent a lovely few days with Albert and Odette, visiting galleries (there was a fantastic Manet exhibition on at the time) and enjoying their company as they showed me around their favourite parts of Paris. In the evenings, when we weren’t involved in a group activity, I was delighted to spend time in the kitchen with Odette, whose souffles were legendary!  Thanks to her, I became confident about making them and they became one of our staple supper dishes.

I haven’t made one for years, however, so got out my copy of Rose Prince’s “The New English Kitchen” and brushed up on my ingredients.  Less than an hour later, supper was on the table.




Yes, it tasted as good as it looked!



Sitting here at my computer this morning and looking through the glass “frame” of my video screen, I see that I have further company this morning.




Eeuuuuw……is it a moth?  I’m off out later and I think I’ll leave it to my hero to deal with!


The lady and the shopping trolley