Saratoga Springs




We’ve had fun exploring Saratoga Springs, finding it the perfect size to potter about in.  Large enough to have a few things going on – we enjoyed a lunchtime concert given by a few NYC Ballet instrumentalists – but small enough to be walkable for the most part.




There is no doubt what the main preoccupation is around here though.  The main horse racing meeting doesn’t happen for another couple of weeks yet, but clearly the shopkeepers are well prepared.




Sitting in Starbucks offered great people watching, but I loved the well dressed bear riding pillion here!




Today we headed for the small nearby town of Ballston Spa, where it was claimed, there were several Victorian mansions worth seeing.  Though there was the occasional traditional building to catch the eye, for the most part, we found the town pretty uninspiring.




True Elegance Boutique?  I don’t think so, if the window dressing is anything to go by.




Moving right along, we made our way through the countryside to the Saratoga Battle Monument and spent half an hour chatting to the very knowledgeable park ranger before moving along again.




The Outlet Centre of St Georges Lake beckoned and someone scooped quite a few bargains.




When we returned to the car, we spotted someone’s treasure.  The kids’ “must have” around here would appear to be “Silly Bandz” and someone has lost one of theirs.  Oh dear…


On to Lake Placid tomorrow and hoping for clear, fine weather.

Adirondack skies

A day transformed