A few downpours




It might be hot hot hot here but we’re getting our fair share of the rain too.  Looks like the rest of the week is going to be a little damp in one way or another and we’re feeling more like we’re in Singapore than anywhere else!





Anyway, good fun though NYC most certainly is (especially when Jordi is in the picture), we simply couldn’t stand the pace any more (!)  and it was time to move along.  We thought we’d left the rain behind as we set out on the FDR along the Hudson Valley towards Tarrytown with our long list of places to see.

Most of which were closed on Tuesdays.





Fortunately, Lyndhurst was open for business and even more fortunately, the sun was out when we got there.






Most of the photographs of Lyndhurst are taken from the more imposing, river aspect which gives a rather different impression from the one visitors receive on arrival.  Nevertheless, the interiors are surprisingly modest in size for a family with six children, albeit lavishly decorated.  I suppose that it’s not bad for a weekend retreat, though!




The views over the river were lovely but no sooner had we reached the car, the heavens opened and it was time to move on.




Next stop, the Hopper House in Nyack, which is closed on Tuesdays.  Ho hum…what else can we do but:




Go shopping.

Result: One pair of perfectly fitting white jeans, on sale at $30 with further discount reducing them to $28.50.

A day transformed

Too tired to talk