Early Summer Harvest


But there’s not much elderflower blossom to be seen here yet, which is a pity because this could be our only chance to make the 2010 vintage cordial.

This morning, I passed the annual test at the local chemist, who did the usual checks on my reasons for buying the citric acid powder, before getting the other ingredients together.  We managed to glean 50 flowerheads from the largest of our three elderflower bushes, regretful that the largest and juiciest-looking heads are still firmly in bud.




The kitchen smells divine with the grated lemon zest and the fresh scent of elderflower.  If ever a sign of the start of summer is needed, that’s it.




I stood at the countertop overlooking the garden and had the same thoughts as I always do, remembering June 2004 when a phone call brought devastating news.  But there’s comfort to be found in following the same process each year and a little time spent wallowing does no harm, does it?




As I covered the bowl to let it steep for 24 hours before bottling, the phone rang.  No need to shudder this time – The Boy wanted to speak to his Mum.

Life goes on.

“like a concert tour with sketchbooks”

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