Retracing our steps

Retracing our steps

Is it possible to do that in a ship?  Probably not…


But today we took a south westerly route towards the Bosphorus and around 9am we took on a pilot to guide us through that busy stretch of water.  We were on deck to watch for all the landmarks we would be able to recognise from previously.


We were sailing pretty fast, considering the traffic levels.


We sailed past beautiful villas by the waterside.  I rather like the look of this one.


Under the first bridge and there’s the castle again.  We last saw it floodlit around midnight on the first night on board.


Under the second bridge and there’s that delightful mosque.


Ah, Dolmabahce Palace!  We were beginning to think our trip was on rewind as happy days from a week ago were relived.


Spectacular views.  What a fantastic city!


Turning the corner, we were away.  Bye, Istanbul.


After an afternoon in the Sea of Marmara, we entered the Dardanelles and around 7pm, sailed past the Gallipoli Memorial


Heading for Kusadasi tomorrow.

One last day

One last day

Back in the Ukraine

Back in the Ukraine