A Bank Holiday here always seems like a bonus; a day to cherish more than the average day and certainly not one to spend doing everyday things. 

Time to sort out the summerhouse, perhaps?




At times, the garden looked like a yard sale, with everything out on the terrace in the sunshine.  Every now and again a dark cloud would come over and I’d keep my fingers crossed that the heavens wouldn’t open until I was ready.




First job was to suck out all the dead spiders and a years worth of cobwebs.  That was when I had my funny turn.

Perhaps it was the sensation of warm sunshine on my back after so many months?

Whatever was the cause, something happened to provoke a very strange reaction.




I got out the painting things and began to paint the summerhouse walls!




Two hours later, all was back in place, looking clean, fresh and spider-free.  What’s more, the sun was still shining and we enjoyed our first outdoor lunch this year.




No sooner had we finished, than the heavens opened and we had to run for cover.




A typical Bank Holiday, then!

Art Installation