30 years

We can hardly believe it but thirty years ago today, I walked up the aisle wearing a huge white meringue of a dress to meet a handsome young man who was there waiting.




We’ve spent the day at Chatsworth, scene of one of our early days out together.  We hadn’t been there long before we were reminded of why it left such a lasting impression on us.




It wasn’t a brilliantly sunny day and neither was it as warm as Carol had predicted this morning.  In fact, it was freezing cold!  Nevertheless, we had a wonderful day exploring this magnificent estate and appreciating the small touches which make it especially welcoming  - the yellow ducks were everywhere. 




But then so was Georgiana.


I collected a few more hands and exquisitely painted fabrics








I wonder if you can guess whose hand this is?




Hmmm…not a single wedding ring, either?  He had six…


I think both of us agreed that our favourite part of the day was spent “Celebrating Deborah




Here were family treasures, including this delightful collection of dance cards from the 1930s.




One small exhibit focused on her ability to use some of the riches to maintain this immense household, in this instance licensing Laura Ashley to adapt and create some fabric designs based on the historic prints in the house.  All the way through this exhibition, there was a spirit, a personality and a spark of humour.  I’d add Deborah Devonshire to my list of good company, I think.




The house tour ended in the sculpture gallery and the two beautifully observed lions by Canova who lay either side of the door leading, of course, to the gift shop. 




There in the shop, was a small sign:

“Sometimes on the way to a dream you stop and find a better one”

Quite appropriate for today, we thought.

What next?

Springing to life