In London yesterday for a rather belated birthday dinner with Edward (who turned 25 at the beginning of January), I took the opportunity of investigating the new Anthropologie store on Regent Street.  I'm a fan - not particularly of the merchandise, which is aimed at an altogether younger, thinner and more spendy target than me, but of the creative spirit of the merchandising team.  Anthropologie is always high on my list of "must visit" destinations when we are in the United States and never disappoints.  I'm glad to say the London store didn't either.

The window display with these stunning flowers made from recycled plastic was supported by some great chandeliers inside, made by the same artist.  Googling to identify the maker brought up a whole heap of results - clearly I am not the only fan of these colourful flowers, and perhaps unsurprisingly, there is a whole Flickr group devoted to Anthropologie's window displays!


More observations later, visiting the Ladies cloakroom in Browns Hotel, possibly the first such place where I've spotted pinups!  Nothing sleazy or overt, but a selection of elegant gentlemen to adorn the walls, clearly appreciated by visitors to the smallest room. 

Quite entertaining.



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