Introducing Anton


I don’t think it will come as any surprise to anyone who knows us that we are inclined to a little silliness from time to time.

Especially where bears are concerned.




These two small polar bear cubs found their way home with me from Liberty, when we were there just before Christmas and seem to be quite happy in their new home under our tree.




But on Christmas morning, a new face was found nearby!




Whilst in Boston, we’d encountered this small bear at the top of the stairs in an outdoor shop and stopped to take a photo and admire.  Clearly Father Christmas was watching and ably assisted by my hero, a similar bear was tracked down on this side of the Atlantic and made his appearance on Christmas morning.




Anton has made himself quite at home here, has established a habit of moving around a little and tends to pop up in the most surprising places. 

Looks like “Where is Anton?”  is to be the game of 2011!

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