Walk with us

It’s not really a shopping day today.  Well, would you want to go and pay full price again after a weekend of heavy discounts?  So, join us on our visit to the new American Wing of the Museum of Fine Arts instead.  It’s only just opened a couple of weeks ago, so is still pretty “hot”.




Over the weekend, the hotel has been decorated and we’ll admire the tree as we pass by.  It’s the same one with the same decorations as last time here, so it must be on its third outing.  Still looks ok, though.




Our hotel is connected to the shopping mall by a covered walkway and right at the other end is Au Bon Pain, breakfast place of choice when we are lacking The Red Flame, our favourite breakfast place in NYC.




Not too busy today, we enjoy our apple and cinnamon oatmeal and assorted pastries!




Walking through the mall, we pass by a favourite shop and admire Eileen’s style which suits me very well.  I’ve already relieved her of a couple of things this trip and am sorely tempted by another one.  We’ll see.  Eileen doesn’t discount, so there are seldom bargains to be had.




Next door is Williams Sonoma which isn’t open yet but which looks as lovely as always.  Such choice here.




Finally, in this part of the mall, there’s another chance to look at the Tiffany windows which are beautifully made from printed paper, book pages possibly.




From here, there’s another covered bridge over to the other part of the Mall, the Prudential Center.  So few people here today – over the weekend, this walkway has been heaving with shoppers.




As we look up through the glass roof at the skyscraper beyond, I’m approached by a security guard who smiles sweetly and gently advises me that taking photos of tall buildings isn’t recommended.  I apologise, he smiles again and moves on to advise the next person.




We rather like the oversized decorations in this mall, once again, remembering them from two years ago.




From here, it’s out onto the street and a breath of cold, morning air.  Huntington Avenue is quiet as we walk as briskly as we can under the clear blue sky.




The wind whips round the empty plaza in front of the Christian Science Center




Soon, we’re back at Symphony Hall, where we came on Saturday evening to hear that great concert.




Huntington then opens up and becomes an avenue of Universities and colleges.  Here, the front of Northeastern University – a game of wiffle ball, anyone?




The T – Boston’s subway system – comes up onto the surface around here and runs down the centre of the road.  Walking along here in the sunshine is pleasant and we’re glad we took the exercise rather than ride.




I admire the patterns set into the road to mark pedestrian crossing areas as we pass by.  Every junction along here is marked out like this, some worn away from heavy traffic.




Then, at last, we are here, standing in front of the Museum of Fine Arts.  I love the sculpture which stands outside and on this sunny morning, the pose of the native american horseman was perfect.  We went and sat on the low wall outside the entrance and basked in the sunshine ourselves for five minutes until the doors opened at 10am.

Join me inside the new Art of the Americas wing in my next post!

Finally, the American Wing

35 down, 15 to go