Hurly Burly




On the coldest morning for quite some time, we caught the train to London on Monday, for a few days of big city life.  We had a few plans, including meeting friends, a spot of culture and another awards do at a posh Park Lane venue.




Most of the time I feel that I am in touch with the zeitgeist and have a vague idea of what’s what.  On other occasions, I stand and stare and question that.  Standing looking at the Selfridges Christmas windows was one such time.  Do I get it?  No, not really.




But it was fun to watch the young girls queuing up to take a photograph of this particular window.




Country Bumpkin that I have become, I will express my preference for the windows at Fortnums, all created with a fine art theme and most rather more stunning than the one I managed to photograph without a reflection.  For sure I’ll take more photos of these – I’m looking forward to seeing them at nighttime, when stepping back to frame the photo properly doesn’t cause a huge pile up on the pavement!




Our bolthole in London is a stones throw from Liverpool Street station and I very much like this charming memorial to the Kindertransport.  I’m not so sure that McDonalds is an appropriate backdrop, however.


November 2010 


Walking through the City, I can’t help but photograph the huge variety of visual textures, the old and the new rubbing alongside one another.  From the top of a 23 bus, the best view of all.




Though we enjoy the reflections in the brand spanking new One New Change windows, I’m sorry for not taking the time to take just one step to the right before I clicked!




But there was something yet more compelling just over the bridge.  I think it deserves a post of its own.

One Hundred Million

Expanding the repertoire