Felt tip pens and The Radio Times


Curate your week copy


Skimming through the teeny tiny print of the “handbag size” (I bet they don’t call it that) edition of Stuff magazine, my eyes fell on a full page advert for The Sunday Times. 

In particular, they fell on this bit


curate copy


Curate my week?  Huh?  What’s wrong with “decide what to watch”?   Who knew that the simple process of mooching through the listings and noting things of interest had been elevated to “curation” in the world of Stuff?  Not me.  But googling this morning, I find that plenty of others have been busy curating, or at least, planning to curate in the near future and I appear to have missed opportunities to do more curating myself:

Feeling that I’ve missed out on what appears to be an essential feature of life in October 2010 and eager to curate with the rest rather than get left behind, I spoke to The Young Man About Town who laughed and dismissed it as pretentious tosh.

That’s all right then.  I’ll go and read the paper, then see what’s on the telly tonight.  I might even scribble a ring around something.

The mojo returns

How can it be?