It’s one of those dull, cold days here.  Not really light outside and surprisingly chilly after the gloriously sunny spell we had last week.




We spent much of yesterday in Gloucester Cathedral, where there’s a stunning exhibition of sculpture on right now.  Sadly, we were there for other reasons: it was Shirley’s funeral.  Such occasions are always easier when there’s a good turn out, and with more than 300 people there, this was one of those times.  The presence of Damien Hirst’s bronze “St Bartholemew, Exquisite Pain” immediately behind Canon Celia as she led the service was, for me, rather disturbing and I would have preferred not to have had that particular imagery in quite such close sight.  Still, we would like to go back and view the exhibition properly before it closes, hopefully at a quieter time (yesterday morning, it was packed)




On then, to Birmingham, to a concert in Symphony Hall.  Mahler’s 3rd – wow!  But coming out into the dark night after the concert, we both remarked on how cold it had turned.  Yes, of course, it’s the second week of October and therefore Hull Fair week – how strange that the weather nearly always turns around now.




After such a busy – and somewhat stressful - day, it was good to be at home today.  Feeling chilly in spite of an extra cardigan, I’m enjoying a mug of chai tea, made from a recipe found online, definitely not counting the calories from the condensed milk in it!  There has also been one or two things to prepare for tonight’s big celebration: my WI’s 80th Birthday party.  For such a special occasion, the piano is going to be unlocked and Jerusalem sung.

Oh my goodness.

How can it be?

Photo shoot