hanging around


With temperatures below freezing still, there are small clumps of snow hanging in the trees.  Waiting for more, my Mum would have said.




Still, there are comfortable (if cold) cushions on the garden furniture if you fancy waiting till tomorrow, when another fall of snow is forecast.

We've just had lunch and commented on the positives of being at home for a prolonged time. Space is appearing in the freezer (which was full to bursting), we have emptied the fridge of all kinds of small bits leftover from Christmas (but still have enough cheese to keep us going for some time yet) and the odd bit of housework from time to time keeps us warm.  Janice, of Project Forty has put this so much better, however.


Bored yet?  Not likely.  More weaving later!


No spots

small disaster, no-one hurt

small disaster, no-one hurt