Hello 2010


The candles burned, the guests sparkled.  It was a lovely evening spent with friends and before we knew it, the champagne glasses were filled and 2010 was with us.



The following morning some of us set out for a brisk walk in glorious sunshine.  Cheerful greetings of "Happy New Year!" were exchanged with other walkers and it was a good feeling to be able to get out into the fresh air after a (very) late night/early morning.



The sunshine was so warm, the brisk walk so invigorating, it came as quite a surprise to find an altogether different sight just around the corner



As we stood on the opposite side of the valley, looking over towards our place, we made another toast to the New Year with a drop of sloegin which I'd tucked into my pocket together with four shot glasses. 

Here's to 2010!

Everyday life resumed

Where were we?