Daily routine

My first full day at home for a while and a little more time to spend on those parts of my life that have been a little neglected of late.



Like washing and ironing, which doesn't go away but sits there staring me in the face until I do something about it.



Baking.  With a glut of fruit threatening to take over,  there's now not quite as many apples and blueberries as before but still heaps of plums to freeze.  Clive's mother needs feeding each morning and the breadmaking success continues.



I found time to run round with the watering can, after all, there's only so much "studied neglect" a plant can take.



Later on, I may well sit down and knit - haven't touched this since last week.



Or read.  A heap of books has appeared and doesn't even include the one I'm reading right now.



I am also setting aside a little time for learning something new each day, having signed up for another of Shimelle's classes.  Though I've done her Christmas Journal class a couple of times now, I've never done a digital journal before.  This time it's all online in PSE and though tricky at first, I'm quite enjoying playing about with brushes and layers. 


But look what still lurks there, waiting to be unpacked...



...and there's another two just like it around the corner.



Going home